Zig-Tori Relationship
General Information
Nickname Zori
Intimacy Level Ex Boyfriend and Girlfriend (Sexual)
Started Dating Before Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) (1st Time) (101)
Gimme More (2) (2nd Time)
Rainy Days (1) (3rd Time)
I Want It That Way (1) (4th Time)
Dating Status Broken Up

The relationship between Zig Novak and Tori Santamaria is known as Zori (Zig/Tori). Their relationship began when Zig Novak and Tori Santamaria met in Junior High and started dating a month before coming to Degrassi.

Relationship History Edit


When Tori and Zig were in junior high, they started their relationship about a month. The two have a stable relationship so far for the first semester of their freshmen year. Zig and Tori had sex and she got pregnant, Zig wanted to be there for Tori but he felt pressured to have sex and he thought that with his family being poor he couldn't be a father so he broke up with her. Since then Zig wants to get back together with Tori but Tori doesn't want to because she doesn't trust him no more.

They got back together in I Want It That Way (1) and things were good for them, but Zig still has strong feelings for Hayley and wants to be with her.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Approximately a month before Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) (101)
    • Broke Up: Gimme More (2) (106)
      • Reason: Zig dined and dashed on his and Tori date.
    • Second Relationship:
    • Broke Up: Rainy Days (1) (111)
      • Reason: Zig didn't want to be with Tori anymore because he was worried now that she was pregnant it would cause more money trouble for his family so he lied to Tori that he was dating another girl so that she would break up with him.
    • Third Relationship
    • Broke Up: Rainy Days (2) (112)
      • Reason: Even though they had got back together the previous night while Zig was intoxicated, Zig wanted to break up.
    • Fourth Relationship
      • Start Up: I Want It That Way (1) (125)
      • Broke Up: Before Come As You Are (1) (201)
      • Reason: Zig broke up with Tori during the summer, because of what happened to the baby and due to him falling in love with Hayley.


  • It took Zig four months to introduce Tori to his mother.
  • Zig and Tori lost their virginities to each other in Gimme More (1), and she got pregnant for mistaking her birth control pills. Though she went into early labor in Gone Too Soon and they baby died.
  • They're in a love triangle with Hayley Michaels.