Trent-Stefanie Relationship
General Information
Nickname Trentfanie
Intimacy Level Engaged (Sexual)
Started Dating Gimme More (1) (105) (1st Time)
Come As You Are (2) (201) (2nd Time)
Dating Status Engaged

The relationship between Trent Michaels and Stefanie Jamieson is known as Trentfanie (Trent/Stefanie).

Relationship HistoryEdit


They began dating in Gimme More (1) and broke up in Bad Day (2). Stefanie originally approached Trent to make a video of them kissing to make her ex jealous but she really did like him. Starting their relationship not long afterwards, the two went through some trails and broke up after Trent thought Stefanie was cheating on him with Mick. Though she didn't and really Mick was stalking her and raped her.

After this Trent and Stefanie didn't spend much time together as Stefanie wanted to protect him from Mick, however Trent still cared a lot about her and even admitted that he loved her and he made it his mission to apologize to her for all the bad things he did in their relationship. Later during the beginning of summer Stefanie and Zac's conflict with Mick reached its boiling point ending with Zac getting shot and the summer dance. Stefanie was going to shoot Mick, but Trent talked her out of it and into getting the police involved. His parents helped her with lawyers etc.

Over the summer, Stefanie was around the Michaels house frequently, as she was working for Trent's parents as part of her plea bargain. She became good friends with Trent, Hayley and Zac. Trent and Stefanie continued to love each other, and eventually rekindled their relationship in Come As You Are (2). Trent proposed too Stefanie in With or Without You (2) and she accepted.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • They are both good friends with Zac Andrews.
  • Even though Trent was known as a player he didn't cheat on Stefanie. And as a result Stefanie has made him a better person as he gave up his player ways.
  • The both are in love with each other.
  • Trent loves the fact that Stefanie never judged him.
  • Trent lost his virginity to Stefanie.
  • Their first kiss was in Gimme More (1).
  • They both were involved in a love triangle with Aria Monroe.
  • They planned too get married in Mirrors, but postponed so they can get married in front of all their family and friends.