Eli Goldsworthy
Full Name Elijah Goldsworthy
Nickname(s) Eli (by Everyone)

Muffin (by Imogen)
Emo Boy (by Marisol)
Dexter (by Clare)

Gender Male
Date of Birth 1995
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family Bullfrog Goldsworthy (Father)

Cece Goldsworthy (Mother)

Relationships Clare Edwards (Girlfriend)
Julia (Ex-Girlfriend, Deceased)
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School
Affiliation(s) Degrassi Drama Club
First Episode Waterfalls (1) (137)
Last Episode Waterfalls (1) (137)
Reason Graduated
Portrayed By Munro Chambers
Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy is a graduate of Degrassi Community School's Class of 2012. He had a reputation of being a schemer, and can be unpredictable at times. Eli's trademarks are his guitar pick necklace, dark style, and his lopsided smirk. He suffers from bipolar I disorder and takes medication for it. He is best friends with Adam Torres, Fiona Coyne and Imogen Moreno. He is also really good friends with Jake Martin, Tristan Milligan, Dave Turner, Alli Bhandari, Katie Matlin, and Sav Bhandari. Eli has also been acquainted with Jenna Middleton, Bianca DeSousa, Connor Delaurier,  K.C. Guthrie, and Drew Torres. He is enemies with Mike Dallas and Luke Baker, and used to have an intense conflict with Mark Fitzgerald. Eli is currently in his second relationship with Clare Edwards. He is portrayed by Munro Chambers.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit


  • Eli and Clare have matching helix piercings.
  • Eli is a published writer
  • Eli hopes to go to NYU.
  • Eli has good car mechanic skills.