Campbell-Maya Relationship
General Information
Nickname Camaya, Caya, Maybell
Intimacy Level Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Friends
Started Dating Bitter Sweet Symphony (2) (102) (1st Time)
Bleeding Love (2) (204) (2nd Time)
Underneath It All (2) (3rd Time)
More Than This (2) (224) (4th Time)
Dating Status Broke Up in Forever Young (1) shortly before Cam committed suicide.

The relationship between Campbell Saunders and Maya Matlin is known as Camaya (Campbell/Maya), Caya (Campbell/Maya) or Maybell (Maya/Campbell).

Relationship HistoryEdit


Campbell Saunders and Maya Matlin first met in Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), when Campbell joined Maya and Tristan French group. Maya and Cam become friends and started liking each other they went on their first date in Bitter Sweet Symphony (2) and also became a couple in Bitter Sweet Symphony (2). They broke up in Tears On Your Pillow (1) because Maya also liked Austin and had to choose between them and she chose Austin.

Cam and Maya first got reaquainted in Brand New Me (1). Tristan, who became attracted to Cam, made Maya volunteer to let Cam join their French group during a class assignment. That night, Cam friended Maya on Facerange and began regularly chatting with her. However, he was actually talking to Tristan who was posing as Maya to get closer to Cam. After finding out that Tristan had been posing as Maya all along, and that Maya knew, Cam angrily told both of them that he will never be friends with either of them.

However, Cam and Maya returned to speaking terms again as shown in All I Wanna Do (1). They developed a friendship which gradually blossoms into a romance and started dating again in Underneath It All (2). Despite many obstacles, including a messy love triangle with Austin and Maya's annoyance with his lack of physical/verbal affection, the two overcame them and were happily a couple.

Tragically, their relationship ended when Cam, who had been suffering severe depression, committed suicide when convinced that Maya would be better off without him in her life. His abrupt death has left Maya traumatized and emotionally scarred and unstable.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • Both think four leaf clovers are lucky and wear them before something important (Cam before a hockey game, Maya before a cello exam).
  • They are both each other's first relationship as well as their first kiss, date and love.
  • They both dislike hockey (even though Campbell is a prodigy hockey player).
  • They both have older siblings.
  • They both are friends with Tori and Tristan.
  • Cam's first line was spoken to Maya and her best friend Tristan. ("Hey.")
  • They both were bullied by Ice Hounds.
  • They both broke up with each other over the phone.
  • Maya was the last person Cam talked to on text message.