Becky Baker
Becky S2
Full Name Rebecca Baker
Nickname(s) Becky (By everyone)
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1996
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Family Luke Baker (Brother)
Reverend Baker (Father)
Mrs. Baker (Mother)
School(s) Smithdale University
Degrassi Community School (Graduated)
Affiliation(s) Degrassi Drama Club
Degrassi Student Council
First Episode Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) (101)
Portrayed By Sarah Fisher
Rebecca "Becky" Baker is a graduate of Degrassi Community School's class of 2013 and is currently a freshmen at Smithdale University. Becky is bright, bubbly, and enthusiastic. Raised a conservative Christian, Becky always puts family first. Her family moved to Canada so her brother, Luke, could play hockey. She knows not everyone will agree with her traditional values, but that doesn't mean she's afraid to stand up for her beliefs. Becky also loves musical theater.

She is best friends with a girl back in Florida named Kelly, Jenna Middleton and Imogen Moreno. She is also friends with Alli Bhandari Mike Dallas, Clare Edwards and Drew Torres. Becky is portrayed by Sarah Fisher.

Character History

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Season 2

Season 3


  • She is a part of the Drama Club.
  • Becky is "a go-getter," and "always early."
  • She has produced many plays and ran the drama club at her old school.
  • Her family is from Florida.
  • Becky is 11 months younger than her brother Luke Baker, making them "Irish twins."