Austin-Maya-Campbell Love Triangle
General Information
Intimacy Level Friends (Austin and Maya/Maya and Cam)
Kissed, Mutual Crush, Bandmates (Austin and Maya)
Rivals (Austin and Cam)
Love Triangle Started Bleeding Love (2) (104) (1st Time)
More Than This (2) (2nd Time)
Love Triangle Status Unresolved
The love triangle between Maya Matlin, Austin Matthews, and Campbell Saunders began when Austin started liking Maya while she was dating Cam. However in the 2013-2014 school year after Maya and Cam starting dating again, Austin still had strong feelings for Maya. Maya is the center of this love triangle.

Love Triangle HistoryEdit


The love triangle started in Bleeding Love (2) and begun once again in More Than This (2).

Austin and Maya were childhood friends Austin moved away but moved back into town and Austin starts liking Maya and starts to pursue her while she is dating Cam.

Cam and Maya first met in Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), when Tristan and Maya volunteer to let Cam join their French group. Maya starts liking Cam and from there, they start a friendship and gradually become a couple. Later on Austin returns to town and him and Maya kiss and Austin starts to have feelings for Maya and he wanted to be with her but Maya was dating Cam and Maya decided she wanted to be with Cam thus starting their love triangle. 

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