Adam Torres
Full Name Adam Torres
Gender Male (FTM)
Date of Birth 1995
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Family Audra Torres (Mother)
Omar Torres (Step-Father)
Drew Torres (Step-Brother)
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Uncle
Tony (Uncle)
Relationships Becky Baker (Girlfriend)
Fiona Coyne (Ex-Girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School
Affiliation(s) Degrassi's Radio

Degrassi Drama Club
Science Olympics

First Episode TBA
Portrayed By Jordan Todosey
 Adam Torres (born Gracie Torres) is a Junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Community School. He is a female-to-male transgender teen. He transferred to Degrassi with his older step-brother, Drew, to escape problems at his old school. Adam tried to keep a low profile at first, but when he was exposed by Bianca, he found that he could be himself and still have good friends. He is known for his wit, honesty, humor, and his fierce loyalty to his friends. He is best friends with Eli Goldsworthy and good friends with Dave Turner, Clare Edwards and Bianca DeSousa. Adam is dating Becky Baker, and is currently a member of the band WhisperHug. Adam is portrayed by Jordan Todosey.

Character HistoryEdit

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  • Three of Adam's crushes, Bianca, Fiona and Katie, have also been eyed by his brother, Drew.
  • Adam has been interested in older women: Bianca DeSousa and Katie Matlin, who are a year older and a grade higher than him, and Fiona Coyne, who is two years older and a repeating senior at Degrassi. Although, his current girlfriend, Becky, is in the same grade, and about the same age as him.
  • Adam, like his step-brother Drew, has the nickname 'Grasshopper'.
  • He plays "Call Of Duty: Black Ops".
  • Adam is the co-host of The Degrassi Radio Show with Dave Turner.
  • He is in a band, WhisperHug .